Projecto Tomé project

Exclusive Architectural Project - L Type 4 Format 🏠 ✨ Project Highlights: Open Plan Kitchen: Modern and integrated, perfect for family and social gatherings. Private Office: A tranquil space for productivity and creativity. Master Suite Bathroom and Bedroom: Comfort and privacy with sophisticated design. Spacious Garage: Accommodates 2 cars, with wooden roofing for a touch of charm and modernity. 🏡 Special Features: 100% Modern Edges: A contemporary design noted for its linearity and sophistication. Concrete Slab Roof: Resilient and durable, ensuring safety and style. Wooden Roofing in Garage: An elegant detail complementing the modern architecture. Decorative False Ceiling: Adds refinement to each space, enhancing the project's aesthetic standard. This project is crafted to offer maximum comfort and style, with a design reflecting modernity and innovation.

Project features

Checking the characteristics of the project is essential to ensure your purchase, information such as the dimensions of the land and built area are vital to the success of your purchase.



M² project