Teste project

The Tanzania Project arrives in our catalog to add modernity and sophistication. It is a minimalist single-story house with integrated environments. It has a whimsical design that echoes from the facade to the interior rooms. Its planning sought to meet the demand of future residents with plenty of space and dynamism. The layout of the plan explores the division between social areas and private areas, creating a more niched and private circulation. Modern compact houses We have on its facade an exemplary design of modern architecture. Straight lines add elegance to the project and make its structure more functional and accessible. The platband frames the house and hides the roof vertically, while the horizontal eaves create the sensation of volume. Your project is one of ArchShop's modern compact houses. The application of a palette in neutral tones aimed to further establish the project in the modern aesthetic. Its colors highlight the coverings used and guarantee the proposed uniqueness. The green areas distributed in front of the house also dialogue with its design, especially through the door imitated in a wooden panel. Just as modernist architects were concerned, Casa Tanzânia boasts wide and well-designed light entrances. The windows, perceived from the facade, friendlyly invite natural lighting into the interior of the project.

Project features

Checking the characteristics of the project is essential to ensure your purchase, information such as the dimensions of the land and built area are vital to the success of your purchase.



M² project